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The Grass Of Thor
1 Just Another Day in Life
2 Long Lonesome Road
3 Someone Took My Place
4 Summer Wages
5 I´m Gonna Settle Down
6 Down in the Cold Ground
7 Peaceful
8 Goodbye to You Big City
9 Home in the Mountains
10 Brand New Shoes
11 Room at the Top of the Stairs
12 Lonely Tombs

Recension från BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED mars 2000
"The Downhill Bluegrass Band is a Swedish aggregation who could just as easily come down out of the hills of North Carolina. "The Grass Of Thor" is a high octane assortment of twelve selections blending originals like "Just Another Day In Life" and "Goodbye To You Big City" with "I`m Gonna Settle Down", "Lonely Tombs" and "Brand New Pair Of Shoes". Of special note, is the melancholy Jonas Kjellgren composition, "Down In The Cold Ground" and the instrumental "Peaceful". For originality spiced with a touch of tradition, "The Grass Of Thor" is one collection that is difficult to ignore."

Tillbaka till Downhill

Beställningsnr: 03
Pris: 99 kronor